The right IT expert on the job quickly for successful IT projects

The collaboration with it-consulting denkl provides companies and IT service providers with many advantages. The biggest is that projects are carried out successfully with our IT experts – on time, on budget and in optimal quality.

Are you searching for IT experts with specialized know-how in application development, system realization, network and database administration as well as Application Management Services? Contact us!

1st Advantage: short reaction time – fast availability 

We quickly provide you with the needed IT expert or experts so that your project time plan can be easily realized.

2nd Advantage: tailor-made expert selection 

You receive exactly the permanent employee or freelance IT expert that your project needs to be successful.

3rd Advantage: no extra work for HR department 

We offer you a complete support solution – from the exact definition of your requirement profile to providing you with the needed IT experts. The entire HR time investment for searching, sourcing and hiring becomes unnecessary. 

4th Advantage: great flexibility 

In the middle of the project, you have discovered that you need more or less IT expertise? One phone call is all you need; we will expand or reduce our team of experts.

5th Advantage: non bureaucratic implementation

Thanks to personnel leasing, we can provide you the necessary available IT experts quickly and easily.

6th Advantage: legal security 

We can provide you with our own employees. Thus, you will not be confronted with the problem of "pseudo self-employment" on projects which have a longer running time.

7th Advantage: high cost transparency

With our precise time documentation, you will be continually informed about the hours and days our experts have worked.t.

Download our Fact Sheet as a pdf file here:

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